Update for The Code

2009-06-15 22:31:46 by stormrage9147

Well, this is just an update of our band: Code of Audio. We're coming up with a new song inspired by FleckoGold's flash: Aladdin 3150. We're going to work on it very soon and we'll keep you posted on this and most of our other songs including The Guava Jam being finalized.


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2009-06-15 22:34:18

I've seen that flash before! It was AWESOME! I wonder how your new song will turn up. Good luck guys!

stormrage9147 responds:

Thanks alot. And I'm sure we'll need all the luck we can get to get even a little close to how magnificent Flecko's flash was.


2009-06-15 22:36:48

Wow. I've seen some of your guys' work and combine that with Flecko's flash.... :O
Good luck. You'll need it and let's hope it turns out great.

stormrage9147 responds:

Thank you. We hope it'll turn it out great.


2009-06-15 22:41:53

Before you guys try anything, don't use that crappy mic on your song Ready for Impact. That quality was really bad :p No offence. Well as everyone said before, good luck to all of you guys in The Code. I'm sure this song will do great. :D

stormrage9147 responds:

lol. Don't worry at all. We won't use that crappy mic ever again. It was our school's anyways. Thanks for the support.