Entry #6

The Code of Audio...

2009-11-06 22:41:22 by stormrage9147

OMFG Okay everyone. I'm terribly sorry to say this, but the Code may be disbanding, and soon. We're definitely going nowhere. But there's another chance that we will keep at it, and learn from the mistakes we have made so many, many, many times. Also, I really hate it when corporations you don't even know about just HAPPEN to have the same name as you and/or your group, so they threaten you with LAWSUITS to change your group's name or ELSE. So basically we may change it to either Code Of Audio Sucks and/or Fucks, or to The Custodian Under the Stairs. If you haven't heard any of our music, here's 2 songs I uploaded to NG. The Guava Jam. And Ready for Impact. Wish us luck.


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2009-11-07 18:26:16

Don't stop making music D:
You're music is F-ING AWESOME.
I really like the unorthodox rifts in The Guava Jam. At least finish up that song first D: